Human and AI Civilization

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On 301122, with the first announcement of ChatGPT, human and artificial intelligence together We have entered a new era that will be shaped by our belief in technology. On the one hand, our faith in the technology that has brought us to the level of civilisation we are today On the other hand, we have increasing concerns.

Acar Baltaş's statement "Technology and psychology will intersect with everything else" confirms this. Technology manufacturers believe that an artificial intelligence, AGI, will not come to replace humans for a long time. it is best to focus on how AI makes us more competent, different, productive.

We should never underestimate ourselves as human beings, we still do not know the limits of our brain that brought us to today's world. We had a belief that more intelligent creatures than us would come from space or from future times. With our belief in technology, we were able to use an artificial intelligence that surpassed our level of intelligence in some missions. We produced it right next to us, and we continue to develop it. But the great competition with the human brain, In the great quest, the human brain still leads the overall race against the machines.

The word "robot" comes from Czech and was first used in the sense of a human servant. Not a substitute for human beings, but a substitute for human tasks. not to replace us, but to do our work, to serve us that differentiates us, facilitates us, enriches our abilities Our only world is one that serves our planet, our environment, humanity. We call it an artificial intelligence created by man, alongside man. And with this approach, we focus on building a new civilisation.